I have set up this page to share with you a few of the humorous ditties I have penned (some specifically for Twitter).

Tweeting under Grammar is fun!@AnnaNolan19



Cannot stress this one enough:

Hashtags, websites, blogs and stuff

Flummox me – can take no more!

Aren’t I a dinosaur?



I must say I like to natter

About things that hardly matter;

But I care not one iota:

20K’s* my daily quota.



Internet addict

Always thought it was pure fiction

Catching internet addiction;

Now, I see this very clearly:

Am afflicted MOST severely!



There was this MP – jeez, I quiver –

Who’d sell you and me down the river;

He’d scheme and he’d plot,

He’d give all he got

In trying his ploy to deliver.

*Member of Parliament


Absent muse

Blow me down: is this the time

For another silly rhyme?

I’ve been sweating since the dawn:

Muse is at the Doe and Fawn!



Goodness gracious, what a slog

To be writing weekly blog;

That, however, is my game:

Glorious English that’s aflame.


Twitter – 1

Since I do prefer to witter,

I am quite constrained by Twitter;

Yet, across seas, fields and cities,

It’s receptive to my ditties.


Twitter – 2

I can’t help but fret and fidget:

Do I really need a Widget?

Twitter Widgets make me shout:

What the … tweet is that about?


Twitter – 3

If one were to persevere

In this wondrous Twitter-sphere,

What surprises would there be?

One, I guess, must wait and see.


Twitter – 4

It’s amazing whom one meets

In this wondrous world of tweets:

So much talent, insight, wit;

Feel so small – but WILL NOT quit!



During a delightful stroll

Up a lovely little knoll,

Heard woodpeckers – what a thrill,

Though they sounded like a drill!



Little hedgehog, full of spikes,

When you touch him, you’ll go “yikes!”.

He will outmanoeuvre all

When he forms a little ball.



Women fickle? Is that so?

‘Fraid it’s a resounding NO;

What is fickle, every day,

Is the weather marked UK!



I ADORE the glorious Lakes,

Climb our mountains, eat cream cakes,

Write on English, think and tweet,

AND you read me: life is sweet!


2 thoughts on “DITTIES – HUMOROUS (MISC)

    • What a lovely idea, Ankur; I will try (if I can; please bear in mind that my talent – if I have talent, that is – is quite limited). My current priority, though, is completing two books, but I’m already way behind schedule. Your suggestion is greatly appreciated!


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