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 The Plight 2 Write


 What of was thought

 Notes Tied on The Sagebrush

Jennie’s Journals

Clean Copy editing & proofreading


 Proofreading London

 Hablando Sola/ Talking to Myself

 Dark Office Humour

 Beaumont Hardy Editing

Cotswold Views

The Stroppy Editor

Jeremy Butterfield




  1. Anna, I’m over here wondering why I haven’t heard from you lately and I see you’re actually promoting my blog on your blog! Thank you so much! Now, why haven’t we heard from you lately? 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • You are most welcome, Torrie; your posts are truly fabulous and a pleasure to promote! I’ve been laid up with severe tonsillitis but am much better now – and actually about to post my next article. But I have to say that reading genuinely talented writers such as you makes me acutely aware of my own limitations and of the insignificance of my grammatical musings. I already look forward to your next post – as long as it doesn’t feature any more hair-raising exploits!


      • Oh! Am with you on that one, Anna. No more chaos here! Please! I apologize…I had forgotten about the tonsillitis (bet you wish you could’ve, huh?). I do look forward to your triumphant return!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you, Torrie. Don’t know about triumphant, but I will try to post a little something now and then. (And there was absolutely NO reason for you to remember, of course; I’ve nearly forgotten myself – happy days!)


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