Humorous verse by Anna Nolan  

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There must be – must be – some mistake:

Seventy candles on the cake?

How did this happen? As you say,

Your zenith was but yesterday.

This was the time of your fab youth

When politicians told the truth,

The country rocked and swung and swayed

And Europe didn’t make the grade.

You wore flared trousers, drank whiskey neat,

The worst you did was run through wheat,

OK, maybe you smoked a joint,

All harmless fun – which was the point.

Those mods and rockers were so cool,

Their leather jackets made you drool,

And yours was such a joyous grin

When Britain clinched the World Cup win.  

You ate pork pies, good English grub,

And spent your lunchtimes in the pub,

Had Sunday roasts – no foreign muck:

Moroccan koftas? Simply yuck!

Your hopes were high and barriers low,

You planned to earn a lot of dough,

To operate in overdrive

And to be free by forty-five.

Your yesterday – it was so fine! 

Still, dear old Reg (he’s ninety-nine)

Does call you “young’un” (what a sage)

And sighs: “I wish I were your age” …


4 thoughts on “Seventy

  1. I used to work as a Visiting Nurse and I remember one of my patients who was in her nineties saying about the other younger Nursing Home residents who were in their 70s or so, ‘They think they’re old, but they’re still young.’ I try to remind myself of that now that I am in my 70s. Happy Birthday, Anna. Hope you have many more birthdays so one day you can be 99 too. xo

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    • Thank you, Deborah, although I’m not quite seventy yet (getting there, though). The general idea behind this verse was to point out that everything is relative. I have also included some satirical references to the “old” Britain, but, as they are rooted in British culture (with the one about running through wheat being political: our former Prime Minister Theresa May said that running through wheat was the worst thing she had ever done in her entire life), I don’t think they could resonate beyond those shores. I hope you are settling in your new home and wish you many happy years there xxx

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