Humorous verse: Valentine’s Day

Copyright © Anna Nolan, 2020


Unless you are in a pair,

It’s a rather sad affair:

All these hearts and fluffy stuff

Make today’s occasion tough;


It’s a fest of coupledom,

Glorified on;

But reflect on it a tad,

It is really not that bad;


First, there is a perk of note:

A control of one’s remote,

Which is sole and absolute;

You may wish to switch to mute,


You may channel-surf at will,

You may gorge on sport and chill,

Watch a thriller or a weepie

Or delight in something creepy.


You may also, on a whim,

Fly to Tonga for a swim,

Go skydiving in Dubai

With no need for a goodbye,


Or hang gliding in Japan

Without flouting any ban;

You may even, if you wish,

Dedicate yourself to fish.


You could dye your hair bright-red

Or play solitaire in bed,

Relocate to the Bahamas

Or – just veg in your pyjamas.


Trust me, you will do just fine

Sans a special Valentine,

And, besides, there’s every chance

Of tomorrow’s hot romance.


Then you’ll really have a blast,

But, when several years have passed,

Some of you may feel undone,

Musing, freedom was quite fun!


3 thoughts on “Humorous verse: Valentine’s Day

    • Thank you so much, Deborah; I’m thinking of you, too. I’ve been extremely busy finishing my book of humorous verse; if I am lucky, I will find a publisher. The reason why I haven’t been posting much is that I am entering different competitions, and the rules of most of them prohibit any sort of prior publication, even on one’s blog, so I’m playing it safe. Otherwise, I’m just fervently hoping for this awful pandemic to end; it’s a truly terrible time. Keep safe and well! Love, Anna xxx

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hi Anna. That is wonderful that you are writing a book of verse. I have entered a couple of fiction competitions in the past. I do like it when they say we can have previously published on our blogs but some don’t let you do that I know. This is unreal but terribly it is reality right now. Stay safe and be well. Love, Deborah xoxo

        Liked by 1 person

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