Humorous verse: Vinnie’s new shed

So as to enhance his street cred,
My Vin got himself a new shed:
Defence shutting out the world’s strife,
Life’s irritations – and the wife …
He beamed with elation and glee,
Then grabbed his transistor*, made tea
And, with the cry: “The match is on,
The Spurs are playing!”, he was gone.
And then for hours, from within,
There issued most enormous din
As Vinnie whooped and wailed and yelped,
Oh how I wished I could have helped
But did not enter (not that brave):
The sign that guards the shed? Man Cave!



12 thoughts on “Humorous verse: Vinnie’s new shed

    • No, Tottenham Hot Spurs – a British football team (we live in England) my other half is mad about – but I appreciate the jocularity. By the way, I’ve just started following your brilliant blog; what a gifted wordsmith you are! A Pole besotted with the magnificent English language, I can only dream of your facility with words – anybody for whom English is a native tongue is extremely fortunate, although few have your talent. Hope you survive the run-up to Christmas!

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      • Ah … that makes a lot more sense. 🙂 I Googled “sports teams named Spurs”, but only the San Antonio one came up. I guess Google figured that, since I am in Texas, that is the only one I would be curious about.

        And thank you so much for your kind words! To me, the great beauty of English is its almost unparalleled flexibility and utility, as well as how it evolves and adapts and transforms so very quickly. That allows everyone to use it in their own way to create their own forms of linguistic art.

        I can tell from your writing that you are master of the language and are using it wonderfully for your own expression of art and exuberance. And, as I said, that is the true beauty of the English language. It knows no bounds. It is a joyful language.

        I hope you have a wonderful run-up to Christmas as well! 🙂

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      • You are fabulously perceptive about the English language – I only wish it were my native tongue (I’m being greedy here). But even that isn’t a guarantee of its mastery – although this is one problem you are certainly not burdened with. Keep up the fantastic work!

        As for Christmas, the jocular verse below sums me up.

        Have a wonderful time! 

        She’s a secret that’s quite murky:
        She has never stuffed a turkey;
        Christmas pudding and mince pies?
        That’s the stuff she simply buys.
        She looks forward with great glee
        To a Christmas that’s stress-free,
        Which, of this there is no doubt,
        Means, quite frankly, eating out;
        This is why she is so merry
        (Though her hubby blames the sherry),
        Knowing they will have a ball;
        Merry Christmas, one and all!

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      • You write it so beautifully that I had no idea it was not your native language! I wish I had a second language that I spoke as well as you write English. 🙂

        I love the poem! It definitely made me laugh. And I am certainly all for eating out instead of cooking! 🙂

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