Here’s to a stress-free Christmas!

It’s been a while, but I’m sure you’ve been so busy you’ve barely noticed. Anyway, I’m back but will be changing course: I’m working on a book of humorous verses, some of which will be posted here from time to time. This one, which comes with warm season’s greetings, is about my stress-free Christmas – hope yours is too.


She’s a secret that is murky:

She has never stuffed a turkey;

Christmas pudding and mince pies?

That’s the stuff she simply buys.

She looks forward with great glee

To a Christmas that’s stress-free,

Which, of this there is no doubt,

Means, quite frankly, eating out;

This is why she is so merry

(Though her hubby blames the sherry),

Knowing they will have a ball;

Merry Christmas, one and all!



5 thoughts on “Here’s to a stress-free Christmas!

  1. A christmas wish in rhyme, I’m surprised you have the time But knowing your not averse To writing things in verse I know your little ditties Which Are so very witty Will give you pleasure in the making But now my hand is shaking Because in making my reply I will really have to try To cross my T’s and dot my I’s As my faults will catch your eye My best wishes for next year I send with Christmas cheer To Last the whole year through For Vincent and for you. All my love and best wishes to you both David Sent from my iPad


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  2. Nice to see you back here. I have been happy to see you have been reading some of my posts. Making the holidays stress-free sounds like a good plan. I have come to appreciate it that my husband and daughter pitch in when I am preparing a holiday meal. This year I am a bit out of commission with a bad cold. So I am pretty much sitting on the sidelines appreciating others efforts. Having quiet holidays is very appealing to me. Hope yours are restful and enjoyable.

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    • Many thanks, Deborah; it’s nice to be back. Yes, I am having a peaceful Christmas and am about to go for a nice walk in the surrounding mountains with friends. I hope your cold goes soon – my British-born contemporaries swear by hot toddies (not sure if you have similar remedies in the States). x 

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