Daily Frolic 27: Contradictions

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving Day to all my lovely American friends – both those I know personally and those whom I’ve met through this blog. I trust you have many wonderful people and things in your life to be thankful for and hope those blessings will continue to rain down on you. Have a fantastic day – and don’t overdo the turkey!


 “What a good idea.”


“Allowing TV viewers to voice their opinions.”


“In The Sunday Times.”

“You mean the Culture bit?”

“Aha: under ‘You say’.”

“Yep; there’s been some riveting stuff there.”

“Is this supposed to be riveting?”


“Here; look.”

“People protest when football gets its biannual monthly showing.”

 “In a way, ha, ha, ha! But such contradictory stuff is not at all uncommon.”

“It isn’t?”

“Nope; look what they wrote in a book review.”

 “It [a book about David Lloyd George] tells a deceptively familiar story of his 30-year affair with a young woman called Frances Stevenson (…).”

 “Blimey, there must have been something in the water to keep her young for 30 years!”

“You’re not kidding! And this piece of sage advice was given by an agony aunt to one of her readers.”

 “Right now, I’d say: do nothing but act with love.”

 “To the point and clear as mud – ha, ha, ha!”

“Quite. I have one here about this cricketer; listen.”

 “We could not afford the asking price, but we bought it as an investment. We were only able to afford it because interest rates were low.”

 “Well, it’s always best to be clear on what you can and cannot afford.”

“Absolutely. And this was from another interview – with India’s biggest male film star, apparently.”

 “Dreams I never remember. What I never dream about is work.”

 “But how does he know?”

“That’s what I’d like to know. How about this?”

 “‘We don’t benefit positively or negatively from the coffee prices,’ he said.”

 “What? How can you benefit negatively?”

“A million dollar question.”

“Who said this?”

“The managing director of Coffee Republic, apparently.”

“Where is all this stuff from?”

“The Sunday Times.”

“All of it?”

“Yep. But they don’t have monopoly on contradictions. I remember one from The Independent.

 “What Saddam does with his al-Samoud missiles today will make the difference between the possibility of peace and the certainty of war.”

 “They actually wrote this?”

“Absolutely: in a prominent headline on the front page. And that’s what an Australian naturalist came up with.”

 “We are trying to save these animals from the inevitable [i.e. extinction].”

 “Oh dear! But at least his heart was in the right place.”

“Even if his brain wasn’t.”


2 thoughts on “Daily Frolic 27: Contradictions

    • Me too, Sandi, but that’s the whole point of this blog: there are so many areas where it’s quite easy to slip up. I certainly often fall into these traps, but at least I try to THINK about what I’ve written. I’m sure it doesn’t always work, and I do make mistakes, but what nobody can accuse me of is a lack of editing. And that’s exactly what’s needed when one writes for other people – particularly lots of them. 🙂

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