Daily Frolic 12: How researchers earn a living

“But you said British authorities didn’t pursue people beyond the grave?”

“Of course they don’t, don’t be silly.”

“Well, I wouldn’t be so sure.”

“Why not?”

“Because this Independent – it seems quite insistent. You remember when they wrote about Britain attempting to prosecute its citizens who’d been helped to die in Swiss clinics?”

“How could I forget? But we established that it wasn’t the sadly departed they actually meant, didn’t we?”

“Well, I thought we had, but they’ve gone and done it again.”

“Done what again?”

“They quoted this important research.”

“Up to 3.6million people will be liable to pay inheritance tax on their estate when they die, a report by Grant Thornton and Lombard Street Research said.”

 “I mean, it’s not just anybody, right? It’s Grant Thornton and Lombard Street Research!”

“Look, for all I care it may be Humpty Dumpty Incontinental Researchthey didn’t mean it!”

“But it’s Grant …”

“Ye, ye, ye; what they were trying to say is this.”

The estates of up to 3.6million people will incur inheritance tax.

 “Mmmm, but …”

“No buts!!!”



This post mentions the quote given in Daily Frolic 7, The Discombobulating Pronoun, and published on 7th November 2014.


2 thoughts on “Daily Frolic 12: How researchers earn a living

    • Aw – you are so kind! The thing is, I am actually a grammarian longing to write about grammar (and related aspects) in a serious way; this is why I have spent decades on my linguistic research, these funnies being merely a by-product. That said, I have now amassed enough of them for a whole book and am thinking about turning the funny bits of this blog (modified, of course) into one. Anyway, we shall see. In the meantime, thanks again for your fabulous encouragement. 🙂


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