Anna Nolan

Anna Nolan

A warm welcome from Anna Nolan (England)

The main aim of this website is to reach you through my blog, Flaming English, in which I used to indulge my passion for English grammar, punctuation and usage – albeit trying to approach the subject in a light-hearted way. With a penchant for irreverent satire and humorous ditties, however, I am now posting jocular, sometimes satirical, rhymes.

After working as a teacher of English in Poland and then broadcaster at the Polish Section of the BBC (in Britain, of course), I spent many years running public examinations, developing national qualifications, carrying out linguistic research, copy editing and penning articles and books on English grammar, punctuation and usage. I hope that Flaming English will earn the ultimate accolade of being worthy of your attention – and raise a smile (or two).

Links to, and information about, the books I have written/ contributed to can be found on the Books page.

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31 thoughts on “Home

  1. Can you believe I’ve only just now found your page? When you visited my site a while ago, I linked to your page on WP and it only had an About page at that point. I figured you were just getting set up and I’d wait it out. So I check back today and same thing. But then I hit VIEW COMPLETE PROFILE and followed the link from there to your page and finally ended up here! I’m so glad I finally found you. Will now be following along and enjoying your take on language!

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    • Thank you so much; I’m absolutely delighted. As I’ve already said, I love your blog! My next post is due about now, but a close friend is unwell, so my writing has to take a back seat for a wee while. Thanks again!


    • Oh dear – is that the impression I have created? I didn’t mean to. But don’t worry, I also make all sorts of mistakes; perhaps you could spot some? I wouldn’t block your comments – I CAN laugh at myself! (By the way, I’m Polish – but completely crazy about the magnificent English language; what a thrill it is to be using it.)

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  2. No, not at all: your site is very friendly. I was making a joke mostly, but I do worry about grammar errors that I don’t notice. I keep meaning to look up the proper placement of adverbs. I am one-eighth Polish, but, alas, I speak no Polish or any language other than English, now that I have forgotten my high school French. I am amazed by many bloggers at WordPress are capable of expressing themselves in more than one language.

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    • Thank you for putting my mind at rest; I was getting a bit worried! English grammar is very complex and notorious for its booby-traps (I reckon the absence of case endings has at least some part to play), and I’m fascinated by those, which I have been researching for decades. I’m trying to make Flaming English jocular, although I have also written some serious stuff on grammar. Yep, our fellow bloggers are a clever lot. Welcome aboard!


    • And thank YOU, Julia. You are extremely kind; I’m greatly looking forward to the pleasure of reading your posts. Delightful? Only proves how deceptive appearances can be, ha, ha, ha! Although the magnificent English language (with its fascinating grammar) is my passion (I’m Polish, by the way), I do try to write about English usage in a jocular manner and fervently hope that you will enjoy at least some of my posts. All the very best, Anna 🙂

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  3. This sounds like an excellent journey of a blog. I love this language and I am THAT person in my friend circle who will correct the grammar even in the middle of a heated, blood-thirsty argument. I feel good 😀

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    • Thank you for your kind comment, Prajakta, and welcome aboard. I do hope you will enjoy at least some of my posts. I, too, love English and am fascinated by its grammar. Best wishes from currently very wet and windy Lake District.

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